Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some time in Uganda

A few weeks have passed and life is in a pretty good routine here. Of course that means white water rafting, bungee jumping, eating rice and beans, and throwing up something that looks nothing like rice and beans. Days fly by. School is hectic, but enjoyable. I have gotten sick of talking about politics yet I know how important it is. This stems from knowing how crazy it will be here in 2011 at the next election. I feel like Manny and I are a real part of the family. My biggest struggle is about having no control, yet I think that has been my biggest lesson too. I have no control and I am starting to appreciate that. Today during community worship the rain pounded down for over an hour, the worship was amazing!
Since this has seemed to be all over the place I will write my journal entry from last night:

Dust is when life happens. Not too sure what that means, but today I am sick. I cannot quite say what is wrong.
I am sick of talking about politics.
I am sick of MTV cribs on the TV in Uganda.
I am sick to my stomach.
I am sick to look ahead at 2011 when more than likely there will be a civil war in which the family that has shown me so much love will be entrenched in.
I am sick of sin.
I feel depressed, I am sure that the lack of protein helps this. Even though I probably get 4x as much as the average Ugandan.
Hope where are you?

Laying under my mosquito net this evening I just sang. Sang to God,the trancendent God or the One that will listen, I am not sure. The light slowly succumbed to the dark.

Voices caught my ear. Momma, Harriet 1&2, Ronnie, and Ariana all beckoned without saying a word to me.

I hopped down from my bunk and walked into the fading light of dusk. I became present in the lives of my family. We talked for a while.

Where am I and what am I becoming I asked myself.

Today I miss California. I miss the smiles and laughs of friends, the love of my parents, the ocean, and the embrace of Kels. But, I do know that this feeling is as fading as the equitorial light at 7:15.
The stars will come out. They will be seperated by the dark. Some will be brighter than others. Then the sun will Rise. A new day will happen. Millions will be born. Millions will die. Some will learn love, some will be taken by hate.

What do I do with the moment I find myself in?

I guess I throw-up, because that is what I just did.

---- So not everything is depressing here, but I just wanted to post that to show that there are ups and downs here as there are at anytime in life. I continue to have the most amazing, stretching time in my life. Thanks be to God. Peace and Love, Brian.

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