Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stuff as of late.

Right now I am sitting at an Internet cafe in Mukono town trying to slow things down. Life is moving really fast, the semester is already over half way through. One attempted remedy for this was to get on a ferry with five friends for a three hour tour to Ssese Island in the middle of Lake Victoria. The lake was more like an ocean, and the island was more like paradise. The pace of life out there was just slower. We stayed for two nights, 6 people crammed into a little room supplied with something resembling electricity and running water. We played a pirated game of Monopoly with chance cards reading go to Christ Redeemer, of course there were no streets with this name. We hiked for hours up to a hill and were overtaken by the beauty of islands dotting the enormous lake to the horizon. We played soccer with a gaggle of kids at a school with dorms adorned with signs informing us that menstruation is a normal body activity. We jumped rope and ate at some cool little restaurants for less than a dollar. All in all the weekend was insanely fun, but it didn't quite slow life down (Although watching the sunrise over Lake Victoria on Sunday from a ridge with just my Mzungu loving dog Belville was soothing).
It is now Wednesday and papers and reading have consumed my week. All is well though, this weekend we head to Capachurwa, a village on the northern slope of Mount Elgon, for a week to individually stay with families. Although nothing can stop time, I hope this time I can enjoy being present in such an amazing location. 'Till Next time, Peace.

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