Monday, October 12, 2009

Food lacking size.

When meat ends up on my plate here in Uganda I hardly know what it is or what part of the mystery animal it is. With that being said on many occasions I have somehow knowingly swallowed intestine with the fat still attached. Chicken is the outcast, when chicken is on the plate it is obvious that it is chicken, but it is tiny. I guess that the use of hormones in meat production is lacking here. Shame.

In other news IMME (my program with all of the cool kids that chose to stay in homes in Mukono Town) went to Luweero this weekend. Luweero was the home of the bush war that led up to the 1986 take over of power by President Musevini. Hey, that means he's been in power for as long as I have been alive! Today Luweero has the highest prevalence of AIDs and AIDs orphans in the country. Beautiful countryside though, seriously.
We got the opportunity to meet with two amazing people who are doing amazing work there. One is the Anglican Bishop, Evans Kisekka (who is actually the Bishop over 5 churches in Southern California, including one in San Diego oddly enough). The other was a Catholic Priest named Father Gerrie. This man arrived a few minutes late because he witnessed a child being killed by a car on that rainy evening. After that introduction he shook us even more with stories of the children that he works with, the HIV infected, and AIDs orphans. There was not much resolve that evening as the rain continued to pour down.

The next morning we drove deep into the village and found Father Gerrie's church. The people welcomed us warmly with a rhythmic clap that resembled the entrance of a sports team into an arena. That morning we sang. We mostly lip synched the Luganda, but we did at least clap on cue to the giant animal skin drums. It was joy exemplified, truly everyone smiled and sang with all of their might. Then Father Gerrie preached. This man is special and people respect him greatly, yet he got down on his knees to show his respect for us. This is something that I still have not gotten used to in this hierarchical society.

Anyways I just wanted to write about this weekend because it made me happy. I learned a lot, and we got to play with a bunch of kids on Saturday. Then yesterday on Monday during my run I got the chance to run with a bunch of nine year olds. Honestly, God's creation is beautiful.

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