Thursday, September 24, 2009

A New Name.

The other night Manny and I were having a long conversation (Check out the This Is The Thing blog by Manny for more about this crazy conversation) with our sister Florence about our family and clan. Our father passed away a few years ago. His last name was/is Kasirye. His clan is Nvuma. Nvuma is a water plant, whatever your clan name is you cannot eat, this is obviously not so bad for us. Unfortunately there are some staple clans like cow, now that's a little sad.
We woke up on Thursday morning and Mamma Idah came and gave us new names! These are legit as far as the clans are taken. Guys names start with Ka, and girls start with Na. My name is Kalute. So here is how my name would look. Kalute Longmore/Kasirye Brian as a part of the Nvuma clan, Baganda Tribe. I personally think that its pretty cool.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be on the computer less, so more than likely I will be able to post much less.

Peace and Love.

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