Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The Weekend in Jinja
All the IMME kids packed up into a coaster this weekend and headed to Jinja. Jinja is the capital of the Basoga people and they speak Lusoga (Really Similar to Luganda). Jinja is also the source of the Nile. We got to go and see the springs on Lake Victoria that begins the three month trip to the Mediterranean Sea. We met a couple of Missionaries and had some grandish times. But also tough times. We went into a scrap yard where people work in horrendous conditions to recycle products for about a dollar a day. Then we immediately left that place for a hospital, the best hope for medicine for 2 million people, a place where you might see a doctor the first week you go. I saw a lot of dying people.
I got the opportunity to meet a man named Abraham that is heading a tree planting program. I might get the chance to work with him my last few weeks here in December. If you want to see pictures of the past week, and Jinja, the former Beverly Hills of East Africa check out my new facebook album.
With Love.

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