Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The week after the riots.

So calm has returned to Buganda for now. The streets of Mukono were littered by debris from the roadblocks. But first let me rewind to Friday. I went to school wearing the same clothes that I had worn the night before since I stayed on campus. We were taken to our homes at two on Friday because the rioting was emenent. About 45 minutes after we arrived home the rioting began again. Gunshots were ripping through the air. Teargas was all around. From our front window we saw a military policeman fire teargas, and rioters hurling rocks back. At one point a boy around the age of 17 took out a sling shot and fired a projectile in the direction of the police and military. It was pretty intense, but it calmed down soon after that. It is reported that there were 15 deaths, but Ugandans will tell you there was more like 50.
But the dichotomy of this land is stunning.
When calm returned it returned suddenly, there was an amazingly powerful thunderstorm that seemed to heal the earth.

Since then things have been tense between the Baganda and the Uganda Government so we will see what happend. Life at my house has been so good. The next time I write I hope to write more about general life in Uganda.


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